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8051 Search and Rescue Robot 1.0

PC controlled wireless Robot used for searching and Rescuing living beings.

  1. Binu
    What is Rescue Robot?

    Human rescuers have very short time (about 48 hours) to find trapped victims in a collapsed structure, otherwise the chance of finding victims still alive is nearly zero. In such a critical situation technology can make a great help for rescuers. Intelligent mobile robots and cooperative multi-agent robotic systems can be very efficient tools to speed up search and rescue operations. Rescue robots are also useful to do rescuing jobs in situations that are hazardous for human rescuers. They can enter into gaps and move trough small holes that is impossible for humans and even trained dogs. Robots should explore in collapsed structure, extract the map, search for victims and report the location of victims in map and way that rescue team can reach him/her. It can also place a small package containing food, drugs and a communication device near the victim.

    In this project the robot can be controlled from the PC, in which it can send back the temperature and Distance between the robot and the front obstacle. It also has an PIR sensor which can sense the human beings in its surrounding. It also has an head light which can be controlled by the operator. By using an wireless video camera we can get the video and audio also.

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    Robot Circuit Diagram:

    PC Transceiver Circuit Diagram:

    Robot in action:

    More Images
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