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8051 RF based Remote control robot 1.0

Remote control Robot using RF

  1. Binu
    This project controls a remote robot through RF. The ordinary 433mhz RF modules are used in this project. AT89C2051 microcontroller is used in this project. It is also an 8051 microcontroller. You can burn the same hex file into any 8051 microcontroller.

    You can make the robot to move front and back, turn left and right. Also you can control the speed of the robot from the remote. The PWM technique is used for obtaining the speed control of the motor.

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    Transmitter Circuit diagram
    Tx circuit for RF based robot.JPG
    Receiver Circuit diagram
    Receiver circuit for rf based robot.jpg
    View robot in action
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Recent Reviews

  1. walas
    Version: 1.0
    nice work
  2. inderjit singh
    inderjit singh
    Version: 1.0