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Questions concerning portable bluetooth device

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by Jedanput, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Jedanput

    Jedanput New Member

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    I have some basic questions concerning bluetooth chips and please bare with me, I'm new to bluetooth + my mold told me there are no bad questions, just bad answers!

    So I have browsed for a whole day about bluetooths and its components. So far I've figured out that in order to have a working bluetooth device that can receive and send out signals you need(one way) an bluetooth module with a uart port. You then need a uCU with a UART port as well to connect the bluetooth module and the uCU. Is that correct? So where does the power come from, is it from the uCU(and if so, where does the uCU gets its power from?a batter?).

    Hypothetically speaking, say I have this bluetooth module(called "A") connected to a uCU through uart. Then I have a mobile phone with a bluetooth device(The mobile is the master and the "A" slave) . Can my mobilephone detect the portable bluetooth module "A"? If so, what do I need to do, just connect the bluetooth module to the uCU? If in standby mode, how long can a bluetooth module function without needing to switch batteries?
    I am assuming that the BT-module is portable and not connected to any power source.
    That's all, thanks in advance for taking your time to read and respond.

    I have found some BT-modules online, my question is, where do I find suitable uCU(and batteries for the uCU) for these modules? I'm only interested in class 2 modules cause they only have 5-10 meters, no need for longer distances. Also the smaller uCU the better.


    Hello, I am wondering, say you don't want to recharge your battery that is powering your bluetoothmodule for a +6months, is the technology there yet? With that I mean both in the battery department and bluetooth models that drain less. To be precise, the BT-module won't be receiving any data from the master, it's only to be visible to the master(lowest energy using mode, sleep or w/e its called). Also is it possible to charge a uC battery through your computer through the usb port?

    Also, I'm checking this site out
    CSR µEnergy: CSR1000 and CSR1001
    But there isn't any info on where I can purchase the csr1000 chip.

    Thanks for taking your time to read!

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