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"Need help to do my project using zigbee and gps"

Discussion in 'GPS' started by MRANJITKUMAR, Nov 25, 2009.



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    "I have to do a project on the following concept.
    Using zigbee(IEEE 802.15.4)and GPS(Global Positioning Systems) I have to do my project which is described in the following mannar.
    In this project we have a source point and a destination point which are separated by adistance of say some 4-5 meters.
    CASE1:From source point our vehicle(say car) is moving at a particular speed towards the destination point.If there are more than 3 or 4 vehicles infornt of our car (vehicle),then our car has to slow down in speed and tell or inform(using a display device) that there is congstion or traffic ahead take another route and at a particular point of time when vehicles get closer to our car the car has to stop and display take other route can't move ahead.
    CASE2:And in second case when the number of vehicles present infront of our vehicle(less than 3)
    our car has to move with a constant velocity and with more speed than in the other case and display move ahead.
    In bothe cases whenever we want it should display the exact speed at which our vehicle is moving and location (at what distance from source point) our car is located."

    Is it possible to perform this project using zigbee IEEE 802.15.4 and GPS?
    If yes then what are the hardware/software requirements to perform this project.
    And provide me the essential web links that could be usefull to perform above said projec.
  2. muniasamyr

    muniasamyr New Member

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    Hi Ranjit,

    what objective of this project? what purpose of GPS and Zigbee?
  3. mclarenrulz

    mclarenrulz New Member

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    Yup its very much possible..
    for the gps part purchase any raw gps receiver module..various available online like u-blox, polstar pmb648 etc...and many available locally in mumbai too...interface it to a microcontroller say pic series to get serial data from it...it gives u co-ordinates current time , date and velocity with good accuracy..
    then u can use a zigbee module like mrf series on michrochip website..or xbee is also there..probably saw it on nex robotics or robokits website...this will be for the wireless comm from the bot to ur local pc etc...nd finally for the cars ahead sensing u can use proximity sensors either IR or ultrasonic..but it will be useful only if the 3 cars are in a row ...if they are one afer another i donno how u can sense the second car....1st can be sensed on similar lines...

    Orion racing India,

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