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Help with new gps tracker project!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'GPS' started by nnaemeka, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. nnaemeka

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    Pls folks, i'm in my finals in the university constructing a simple gps tracker that can send sms to a remote mobile phone or device thru gsm networks. I'm having a serious problem resolving an appriopriate circuit diagram with all the correct parts and components its going to have, some diy projects i saw talked about some popular gps modules like the vincotech a1035d and microcontrollers like attiny84 and the host of other devices but they couldnt help me with a working diagram and a bill of parts, pls i really need urgent help from people in this forum, and how i can code the microcontroller is still an issue for me. Pls help urgently!!!!!!!

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