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8051 LED dot matrix display using 8051 microcontroller 1.0

The LED dot matrix display module using AT89C52 control. Can display graphics, animation and English

  1. sajivjess
    The LED dot matrix display module using AT89S52 microcontroller. It can display graphics, animation and English characters, etc. display has a static, horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling and page display.
    Single module controls 12 drives (up to 24 can be controlled) 8X8 dot matrix, a total of 16X48 dot matrix (or 32X48 dot matrix), is a single block MAX7219 (or PS7219, HD7279, ZLG7289 and 8279 and similar LED display driver module) of 12 times (or 24 times)! Can " cascade" approach the composition of arbitrary large dot matrix display. Show the effective power of small, and the MAX7219 circuit than lower cost.
    Can help you better learning microcontroller.

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    Microcontroller Circuit diagram
    Switch circuit
    Display driver circuit
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