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8051 Hard disk based MP3 player with 8051 microcontroller 1.0

8051 based MP3 player and source circuit with complete source code and circuit diagram.

  1. sajivjess
    This MP3 player uses AT89c51snd1c as the core, the hard disk as storage medium. An LCD display is used to display the song name and playback statuses. The hard disk should be in FAT16 format.

    The code is written in Keil C.

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    The features of the microcontroller are as follows:
    1)MCS51Core chip and software development can facilitate the development of Keil software mp3 player, no special software platform;
    2)MPEG I/II-Layer 3 hardware decoder
    .Independent MP3 Decoder
    .Support 48,44.1,32,24,22.05,16khz sampling frequency
    .31 order to support the software volume control, high bass balance control
    .Bass Effects
    3)Integrated DAC parts, support PCM, IIS format;
    4)64K bytes of on-chip code storage space (100K plays rewritable life span)
    5)4K bytes of boot flash memory, USB / UART download code
    6)Integrated USB1.1 device components
    7)MMC card interface
    8)IDE/ATAPI/HDD/CD-ROM Interface)
    9)2-channel ADC, 8Khz sampling

    Circuit diagram