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8051 8051 Flash Programmer 1.0

8051 Flash ISP Programmer

  1. Binu
    Now we have to introduce the most important part of your tool chest. Whether you use Simulator, Debugger or IDE or not, you definitely need a kind of programming facility to fuse your microcontroller with the target code. Only then you can watch how your design works. If you have an expanded design, then you may need to program the EPROM with the program code. Sometimes, you may keep a part of application code in the Flash/EPROM version of the 8031 and remaining part in an EPROM (in an expanded system).

    Time has come to introduce another useful tool, 8051 Programmer. This Programmer supports the devices in the 8031 family of Atmel, AT89SXX, and its AVR microcontroller AT90SXXXX series Controllers. The programmer supports both parallel and SPI programming for your convenience. A powerful window's based GUI facility makes your programming task an easy one.

    The circuit diagram of the stand-alone spi programmer, the power to the interface is provided by the PC USB port which can supply a max of 100mA current. Get a cheap USB cable, cut the cable other end connector and attach a crimp shell connector to this end, red wire is 5V and black is 0V.

    The 74HCT541 ic isolate and buffer the parallel port signals. It is necessary to use the HCT type ic in order to make sure the programmer should also work with 3V type parallel port. For the u-controller a 40 pin ZIF socket can be used.

    This programmer circuit can be use to program the 89S series devices and the AVR series devices which are pin compatible to 8051, like 90S8515. For other AVR series devices the user can make an adapter board for 20, 28 and 40 pin devices. The pin numbers shown in brackets correspond to PC parallel port connector.

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    Circuit Diagram
    The ISP-30a.zip file contains the main program and the i/o port driver. Place all files in the same folder.
    The main screen view of the program is shown in figure 3.

    Also make sure do not program the RSTDISBL fuse in ATmega8, ATtiny26 and ATtiny2313 otherwise further spi programming is disable and you will need a parallel programmer to enable the
    spi programming. For the fuses setting consult the datasheet of the respective device.

    For the auto hardware detection it is necessary to short pin 2 and 12 of DB25 connector, otherwise the
    software uses the default parallel port i.e. LPT1.

    Following are the main features of this software,

    # Read and write the Intel Hex file
    # Read signature, lock and fuse bits
    # Clear and Fill memory buffer
    # Verify with memory buffer
    # Reload current Hex file
    # Display buffer checksum
    # Program selected lock bits & fuses
    # Auto detection of hardware