PC Based GPS

The advent of new high-speed technologies and the growing computer capacity provided realistic opportunity for new cost effective technologies and realization of new methods of innovations. This technical improvement together with the need for high performance techniques created faster, more accurate and more intelligent products using new drives and advanced control algorithms.

This project describes a new economical solution of Global positioning systems. The presented PC BASED GPS DRIVER can be used for different sophisticated applications. The control system consists of a PC, a GPS receiver that collect data from the satellite and an interface kit to send the data to the PC through the serial port.

The position conversion software has been developed using high-level graphical programming language (visual basic). A complete solution of a global positioning solution is presented in this project. The GPS receiver receives the latitudinal and longitudinal data, from the satellite for finding the exact position of the receiver kit on the Earthf¢â?s¬â?z¢s surface and also the real-time position can be viewed from the map.

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Circuit Diagram:



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