This project entitled Remote Control Through Internet allows us to monitor, control and automate our home from remote locations. In existing system home automation and security are separate systems working independently. Also in existing system if any one of the sensors goes abnormal the user is not immediately informed about the status, since there is no way for the user to get the information about the status. Monitoring system should be always in online so it is more expensive. Limited to smaller distance i.e., within a single network.
This project integrates automation and security into a single unit. Also abnormal condition of any sensor is detected immediately and message is given as an alert to the user PC. Monitoring and controlling home environment in real time is made possible through LAN.
In This project we use a microcontroller(89S52) which controls the electronic devices through the relay driver(ULN2003). Also we are using PC, which is used for monitoring purpose. The temperature sensor(DS18S20) senses the temperature. Based on the temperature, the microcontroller produces the desired output. Thus our project helps us in constant touch with our home environment ensuring the safety of our home

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