InfraRed Remote Switch (6 devices + 1 fan) -AT89S52

This Project REMOTE CONTROLLED SWITCH BOARD is used to switch on/off the Home Appliances by using a standard Remote control. The system is used to switch on/off upto six electrical devices. All the above processes are controlled by the 8 bit Microcontroller AT89C52. The Microcontroller receives the Infrared Signal from the receiver and it decodes and switch on/off the appropriate Device. The Range of the system is unto 10 meters. The project can switch on/off electrical devices of maximum load current of 5Amperes. High power loads can also be connected by changing the Relay. The conditions of the devices are stored in the EEPROM IC. And the devices will come to the original state after the power failure.The Microcontroller is used receive the Infrared signal from the Transmitter, the received signal is processed by the Microcontroller and according to the signal the corresponding device is switched On/off. Any RC5 remote control can be used to control this circuit

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Circuit Diagram:



Download the Source code from here:
Download the PCB from here: