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RFID Attendance system

  1. RFID Attendance system

    RFID based attendance system with inbuilt memory, which can store upto 256 attendance records with date and time.
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The main objective of the system is to uniquely identify and to make attendance for a person. This requires a unique product, which has the capability of distinguishing different person. This is possible by the new emerging technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The main parts of an RFID system are RFID tag (with unique ID number) and RFID reader (for reading the RFID tag). In this system, RFID tag and RFID reader used are operating at 125KHz. The EEPROM is used for storing the details and it has the capability of storing 256 person details at a time. The PC can be used for restoring all the details of attendance made.

The PC application is used to ADD/Delete tags and Name. You can export and print the attendance records from the PC application.